Zadibal Neglect Inspired me to join electoral fray: Saleem Reshi

Saleem Akhter Malik(RESHI) is a prominent Social activist of Indian Administered Kashmir and has recently joined electoral fray from prestigious Zadibal Constituency. He has been an active activist against drug addiction. In an exclusive interview with the Kashmir Scenario, Saleem Akhter talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

What is your take on state polity?

The current era of the state and even past few eras have been doomed and destroyed by corrupt and inefficient polity. All the traditional parties like NC, Congress and PDP have given nothing much to state.

Why did you join the electoral fray?

Zadibal Constituency has been neglected by every government and all the representatives of area (MLA’s) have proven good for nothing for the area and I have no hesitation that Zadibal has been given a step motherly treatment by every party with reference to development and is undoubtedly most backward constituency of Jammu& Kashmir state. All these grave facets and love of my people inspired me to take this decision.

How would you be your agenda different?

My agenda is focused to usher an era of overall development in neglected Zadibal Constituency. Artisans, Weavers, Workers would be my focus. Ensuring basic amenities like electricity and clean drinking water in first 90 days after my being elected would be my priority.I have also made it clear that I would with full voice raise the issue of grave human rights violations. Making transport services available till late night and ensuring hassle free transport to Amdakadal and Baghwanpora areas is my priority.

Would your agenda be holistic?

Yes I believe in politics of inclusiveness and would take all sections of society into confidence while serving my people. We cannot do positive politics by dividing common masses.

Many pro-freedom voices say entering mainstream elections is betrayal to Kashmir cause? I respect Kashmir cause but it is high time we follow polity of Palestine and Lebanon wherein resistance forces are actively participating in electoral fray and trying to assert themselves administratively to leave bigger impacts.

Would you continue your known efforts against drug addiction?

Eradicating the menace of drug addiction is always in my agenda and forms my priority number one every time. As drug addiction has hurt moral fabric of our society it should be our core interest to weed out this menace.

Can you defeat heavyweights of NC and PDP?

Nobody in present context of politics is heavyweight.People are hoping for change and especially in an area like Zadibal neglected by these parties I believe I can have bigger impact. What is your message? My message to people is be aware of vested interests and choose your representatives wisely.

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