Unabated bloodshed

Malik Sameed

Peace is the need, aspiration of human always. Progress of any society is incomplete without peace.

Unfortunately in the past three decades peace has been victim of turbulent conflict in Kashmir as a result bloodshed has been daily norm outhere.

The need of the hour this time is to stem the rising bloodshed in Kashmir which is causing much harm to the fabric and ethos of Kashmir society.

If we continue to loose lives at this rate the great risk of entire valley of Kashmir getting concerted into a big graveyard is the unfortunate reality in offing.

It is high time all the parties to Kashmir conflict come to terms with the situation and sit on negotiating table to settle the issue of Kashmir democratically otherwise we are doomed.

The daily bloodshed is in no body interest and can only lead to destruction and chaos. The environment of Kashmir are sad due to the prevailing situations which demand immediate solution .
Coffins, funerals are defining the life of beautiful valley of Kashmir currently.

Kashmir cannot afford further bloodshed as bloodshed is in no body interest.

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