Interlocutor: More Homework

Needed the interlocutor appointment was seen as the big ray of hope for conflict ridden Kashmir battling many crisis at present juncture of time.

Dineshwar Sharma as a seasoned intelligence officer is now assigned the job to break the deadlock of the Kashmir.

Pertinently, the tough message conveyed to resistance leaders and score of encounters resulting in death of more than 170 militants has not bought even a semblance of normalcy in Kashmir and Infact worsened the situation towards more darkness. Now what is needed a thoughtful dialogue not a showy affair where those who do not matter and institutions of dialogue are turned into mockery matches bearing no results whatsoever. What was needed was that more serious approach is shown after appointment of interlocutor and more homework is done to make his trips successful.

One hopes that necessary energies are diverted and this time the golden opportunity is ceased by making interlocutor Dineshwar Mission as fruitful for peace and prosperity.

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