Not Militants, Indian agencies kill Police cops and Sarpanchs: Syed Salahudin

‘Kashmir will soon witness a sea of militants who will fight Indian occupation’








United Jihad Council and Hizbul Mujahedeen Chief Syed Salahudin in an exclusive interview with Kashmir scenario senior Reporter Shah Irshad in Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK). He talks about their future strategy in Kashmir saying a new breed of militants are ready to fight another round of rebellion against India. Salahudin blames J&K chief Minister for dual role and terms him another puppet of India who even failed to release political prisoners.

Here are excerpts from the Interview edited by Kashmir Scenario sub-editor Sameer Showkin Lone.

You have been at the fore face of Kashmir militancy. Do you think the Kashmiri militancy has lost its tempo over the years?

Kashmir is an International Dispute. People of this subjugated nation have given lakhs of sacrifices for freedom from Indian occupation. Kashmiri nation has always stood like a rock behind its freedom fighters and same is the case even today. It has not changed a bit. Just go and see the funerals of militants how people in thousands do participate.

India has always tried to kill the sentiment of freedom using various tactics like torture, interrogation and what now. The occupational forces are now luring youth into drug addiction and vulgar tendencies but its intentions will never succeed.

There is a perception that Hizbul Mujahideen has been behind the killing of unarmed Panches, Sarpanch and J&K policemen

No one from Hizb has killed any Sarpanch, Panch or policemen. This is all political business done by Indian agencies and has been going on since 1947.

Do you still feel that Militancy is attracting Kashmiri youth even today?

Who does not want to die as a martyr while fighting for the freedom? We see how more and more educated youth are joining the ranks of militancy. India is very concerned about it. It will increase in future and a sea of militants will flood Kashmir to fight Indian occupation. One has to understand that ups and downs come in a struggle but Kashmiris have always stood upright for the cause of Islam and freedom from Indian occupation.

What is your take on the disunity within Hurriyat?

This is sad that Hurriyat being the largest pro-freedom political platform has failed to unite even the cause they are fighting is same.

I have through telephonic communication and other means impressed upon them to unite for the common cause. If Hurriyat still fails to unite, the Hurriyat leaders in a very soon time have to stand answerable before people.

How do you see the remarks of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Chief Minister Jammu and Kashmir thanking separatists and militants for smooth conduct of elections?

Mufti Sayeed is a double faced person. He is playing double games to please both freedom fighters and the Indian state actors there. Mufti Sayeed is doing all these tactics to show India that he is the one who can change this in Kashmir for them. Pakistan considers both PDP and Mufti as a puppet of India, who like others is helpless and powerless. Mufti could not get even a single political prisoner released. Massarat Alam’s case is a glaring example.

Militants in Kashmir have also been involved in civilian killings, your take.

See we do not actually kill the civilians. We kill the target that is combating us, the Indian forces. But if unfortunately a civilian comes in the midst, what we can do? We are helpless. But we are trying our best to avoid civilian casualties.

What is you stand on the return of Pandits to their homeland?

Pandit should return Kashmir. We welcome them. We welcome their return but not in separate settlements which is an Israeli tactic adopted by India to make Kashmir another Palestine. Pandits should live among fellow Muslim brothers the way they used to live earlier. Kashmir is half without Pandits.

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