Muslim fraternity across the globe is caged by imperialistic powers: Geelani

God bestowed Kashmir with a staunch  and devoted leader who voices the pains, sufferings, torches, alienation, loss of identity , broken psyche and sheltered dreams of Kashmir not as a poet only but as a practical leader who drew the movement himself being at the front. A household name Syed Ali Shah Geelani, well known for his political, social and religious movements and is the prominent pro-freedom leader of Jammu and Kashmir. In an exclusive interview with the ‘Syed Ali Shah Geelani’ talks to special correspondent The Kashmir Scenario ‘Syed Tajamul IMRAN.’

Q:- How do you see the role played by the state administration played during deluge?

SASG:- (Smiling) Didn’t you witness yourself? The role they played was apparent to everybody, there is no need to revive it time in and time out. They were virtually  on hiding and were not even in picture. They disappeared like the horns disappear from donkey’s head. They lend no help to people in need. This is pathetic from Government and their hallow claims became public.

Q:- How true is the claim of Indian army that “they have rescued thousands of Kashmiri lives when situation was alarming?
SASG:-Their claims have no legs to stand. Infact they saved their own soldier’s first who were struck by floods and then on second preference they saved visitors especially those who they got report of via media, and finally they saved very thin figure of locals. I am not saying soldiers and visitors should have been left out, each life matters but they ought not to individualize victims on the basis of title , when all victims were standing on same plight. And when it comes to Kashmiri lives it was the youth of ours who used their great valor and heroism to save uncountable local and non-local lives on their own and even spared a hand in saving army soldiers as well. I am glad that Kashmir shown collective spirit when it mattered most.

Reporter:-What are your views on blockade of international aid by GOI?

Q:- What could be the reasons behind it?

SASG:-The logic is simple  see we are under the paws of Indian state occupation from decades together, and India will never like to allow sympathetic countries across the globe to send international aid to tragedy hit  Kashmir.

Q:-How did separatist group and pro freedom parties aid people in ravaged waters?

SASG:-We did whatever we could, we erected few relief camps across the length and breadth of Kashmir:-One was setup at Hyderpora ,Nigeen etc were people served meals from days altogether. Moreover afterwards  people swung into action and worked hand in glove with us, they amassed clothes, food stuff and other donations in the shape of money for flood-affected one’s and it won’t be wrong to call it a joint operation ..Our efforts are still afoot in reshaping Kashmir again.

Q:- Is it opportune to conduct elections by India Govt. in J&K? And what would you like to say in context of elections?

SASG:-You see our policy pertaining to elections is apparent and fixed, it won’t be right to conduct elections now, because people are still caught in tragedies. Indian Govt. claims the frivolous normalcy in J&K to conduct election without caring for human plight.

Q:-how do you assess the growing tension between indo-Pak on border?

SASG:-The basic cause of it is “Kashmir dispute”. it shall continue in the present form until &unless India show some interest in solving the long lingering Kashmir issue and will resolve it as per the aspirations of people over here.

Q:- The long impending sectarian clashes between shia and Sunni in various Muslim countries across globe, which led to massive bloodshed how do you see that?

SASG:-Muslim fraternity across the globe is caged by imperialistic powers and these are the natural consequences of it and there is an international conspiracy behind it. and if they want to get rid from it then they must detach politics from religion.

Q:-PDP’s parliament member Muzzaferbeg alleged separatists that they are letting youth to get killed on the name of holy war of freedom ?what was your reaction to his statement then?

SASG:-He has said that out of frustration. Basically they were killed by oppressive state and vested elements and smartly were are projected as the killers. I completely denounce that.

Q:-Do you think new BJP Govt. will prove to be helpful to Kashmir by any means?

SASG:-well, all political parties of India are chips of same block, and they have the same self-ended motives, they have only names different creations are same. And Kashmir shouldn’t come in the enticing words of New Delhi govt.

Q:-sir my final question, being yourself in the ailing circumstances what would you like to convey to the community?

SASG:-When obscenity and waywardness peaks, wrath and nature fury is the out product, and the wrath’s like this one comes as a warning .but it is sad that we are not taking cue from these natural devastations. Lord says in Quran that “when there would be immense deviation and wrongdoings from community, i shall break catastrophes over them”. But nevertheless our trust and belief should continue to stay in lord.

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