Footballer Majid Now a rebel

Majid Khan, a young boy from South Kashmir aged just twenty but famous goalkeeper of his area playing the world’s most popular football game Is the latest to join militant ranks.

As a matter of fact, He has looks like the English all-rounder Ben stokes but the misfortune of this painful conflict has ended up in giving arms at his hands.

This depicts the larger reality that the manner in which PDP BJP has broken hopes in Kashmir and made taking to weapons look romantic, Alas the lifetime sadness remains with parents of Kashmir when they lose their sons whether as policeman or militant.

Hope was never so Alien to Kashmir as is currently all thanks to misgovernance and lack of vision depicted by the current regime .

PDP BJP coalition government has taken Kashmir to new chapter of darkness leaving the youth with no option but to take arms. The atmosphere of torture and tyranny has endured that talent like Majid Khan rather than becoming future star for the state now is a young rebel.

Time has come for this govt to give its working a reality check and also for the powerhouses of South Asia India and Pakistan to solve this conflict once for all.

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