Adnan Sami Revealed How he losses 165 kilogrammes

In an interview with BBC Urdu, Adnan Sami spoke in detail about his journey as a musician, marital life and how losing a staggering amount of weight of 165 kilogrammes has helped him start a new life.

Being overweight was a characteristic that was previously associated with Khan but the singer-songwriter surprised people with his remarkable weight loss.

I have reduced my weight by 165 kilogrammes and many people have attributed my weight loss to doctors. What is even more surprising is that doctors who I have never met in my life are taking credit for my transformation with most of them also using it as a form of advertising

The talented pianist set the record straight by saying that he adopted a high protein diet which allowed his intake of all sorts of proteins in his diet, provided they were rid of oil.

Khan said that weight loss has brought about a host of pleasant changes in his life, the best of which was the offer to star in a feature film. “After losing weight a lot of things started to happen which I had never expected and among them was the offer to act in a film. I had made this decision long before that I would only do a film that challenges me as an actor,” remarked the singer who has previously acted in the Pakistani movie Sargam opposite his first wife Zeba Bakhtiar.

He said that he will soon be starring in a “fun film” which will enter the production phase in 2015. Regarding his character in the film, Khan said that it would be a “non-musical role”.

Khan who has been residing in India for the past 15 years said that he had never faced any problems across the border saying, “I am living a peaceful life here and it is the truth that I have never faced any problems in India.”

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