We salute the struggle and resistance by Shopian People: MeM & JKCCS

On the death anniversary of Aasiya Jan and Neelofar, the Majlis-e-Mashavarat, Shopian and JKCCS while showing solidarity with the family issued a joint statement. They stated that the Indian State has over the last 23 years sought to perfect the act of committing the perfect crime. Following the commission of the crime, and while ensuring the impunity of the perpetrators, care is taken to also defame the victims/families. Further, as always, enquiry commissions, and faulty investigations are initiated and allowed to function, only to ultimately disprove the claim of the victims and their families.
“On the intervening night of 29/30 May 2013, Aasiya Jan and Neelofar Jan were raped and murdered. To date, no action has been taken against the perpetrators of the crime. Justice Muzaffar Jan [Retd.] in his July 2009 report, based on scientific and testimonial evidence, confirms rape and murder. The report and the evidence points strongly towards the involvement of the armed forces in the crime – more particularly, the Jammu and Kashmir Police and the Central Reserve Police Force [CRPF]. Despite the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir being approached through public interest litigation [PIL], no action has been taken by the State. Along the way, the families of the victims, and the victims themselves, have been subjected to a motivated and intense slander campaign. The Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI] has, predictably, shielded the guilty, hidden the truth and charge sheeted persons for fabrication of evidence. Arguments raised in Justice Jan’s findings remain still unanswered and unless the evidence produced in Justice Jan’s report are taken on board justice remains evasive.” they further added.
Responding to the promises to give justice by the government, the joint committee said, “The Indian State in its response to the double rape and murder in Shopian did not focus on the identification and prosecution of perpetrators or in addressing structural realities of militarization that foster and perpetuate injustices. The State has instead focused on “collaborators” and manufacturing scapegoats to subdue public outcry. “Control” rather than “Justice” is, as always, the strategy. The strategy of control has been persistent, and continues to date. The Indian State sought to control the situation in 1991 when the Kunan Poshpora mass rape case happened. Sexualized violence has always been an instrument of the State against the people of Jammu and Kashmir. In numerous cases, due to various factors [including social factors], sexualized violence by the State forces has not even been reported.”They further said,” In the double rape and murder case of Shopian, it is first and foremost the struggle and resistance of the people of Shopian that has ensured that at least the Indian State stands firmly indicted and comprehensively dishonored. Their struggle and resistance is saluted, supported and must continue.”

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