Salman To Release His Debut Book In January’16.

TKS News Desk

 Srinagar Dec 18:  Salman Nizami will release his Debut Book “Moji” in January 2016.  The announcement came through his social media account, which has set Social Media abuzz with both his opponents and supporters commenting, while some claiming to have advance-booked their copy.


Salman , through  his twitter handle ( @SalmanNizamii ) said : “I am pleased to announce that I have completed my book titled “Moji”. It will be available for purchase in print and ebook in Jan 2016”.

While talking to Kashmir Scenario Salman Said ,” it’s a powerful collection of incidents that depict the struggle and hopes of Kashmiri women, an emotional and a painful read. Even though the people of Kashmir in general suffered during the Conflict, women lived especially difficult lives, enduring terrible hardships. They were denied basic human rights, abused, beaten, tortured, kept in seclusion, many lost their loved ones and some opted for suicide. This Book addresses the religion, revolution, Struggle, Suffering, Courage and identity of Kashmir women”.

“In short, it’s a Powerful and moving story of Kashmiri women presented and an overview of the conflict between the India and the Pakistan is included.” Salman Added

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