Masses at risk: Irresponsible garbage dumping at Girl Middle School Wadipora

Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar 07 May (KNB): The indiscriminate dumping of the garbage in and around the government Girls Middle School Wadipora, zone Rajwara poses the serious health hazard to the students and the staff.

arge number of the residents of the Wadipora and the adjoining areas are found dumping the garbage, cow dung and leftover food in the open land in front of the school. As the administration do not carry the regular cleansing of the area, foul smell emanates from the rotten garbage.

Talking to Kashmir News Bureau Head Master of the said school, Manzoor Ahmad Bhat said “the stinking smell of the garbage and the dung in the vicinity of the school is creating a suffocative environment inside the school.”

He further said residents of the area dump the leftover food here, and it have become heaven for the stray dogs, which are posing the threats to the small children.

“We are able to come to the school on own as there are a number of dogs and we have to pass by the where it is very difficult to breathe due to extreme foul smell,, a group of students said. School authorities, parents and the students urged the local admiration to initiate a stern action against those who are dumping the garbage near the school.

On contacting Deputy Commissioner Kupwara Anushal Garg he said “ I will talk to the gram sabha , it is a Panchayat land and the action will be taken immediately (KNB)

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