Kashmir: Sane voices long for regaining lost paradise

Kashmir News Bureau
Srinagar, Feb 15 (KNB): “If there is ever a heaven on earth, its here, its here, its here in Kashmir,” these are the world of Mughal emperor Jahangir during his stay here in a houseboat on the mesmerizing Dal Lake in seventeenth century. 
Kashmir is renowned globally as heaven on earth, however, over the last three decades continuous bloodshed, violence and devastation of environment have caused a great havoc and made life in Kashmir miserable. Funerals of conflict have become daily occurrence and mothers, sisters crying over the dead bodies daily scenes. The urge on the ground is that steps should be taken to return Kashmir back to normalcy.
Amanullah Ahmad, an aged person states – “We as a society have destroyed our old good times and worsened even the political situation by making ourselves a football between the global powers. As a result daily killings, bloodshed have become our fate .
Even what we as a society have done to environment by our acts prove that we are becoming uncivilized. The conditions of our forests, water bodies, gardens, mountains and nearby surrounding aptly prove the above veracity. If you continually pollute your house and let it become dirty and allow roaches and bacteria to live in it, then how can you live in that house? You will just be sick. The same goes for the environment. It is therefore logical for us to take care of the environment. We need to revive the good old times of sense of security and care for our surroundings.”
Even the eminent personalities are not satisfied with the direction we are taking as the society.
Riyaz Choudary, social activist gets nostalgic about past glorious times of Kashmir as he spent prime of his youth before 1990s  – “ We before 1990s used to enjoy the life till late night as transport was available easily and even the commercial activities commenced from late evening, but on account of tragic times due to turmoil now even if one falls sick at evening he or she prefers treatment as dawn sets as situation has worsened a lot . Now since past few decades when one leaves home we fear whether we will reach home or not and even family members stay worried due to worse law and order situation .The times before 1990s turmoil was free of tension and much better on humanitarian grounds as there was no threat to the life.”
On the otherhand , youth also crave for peaceful times to return, “ We have heard from our elders that times before 1990s were full of peace and solace as there was no fear and unfortunately we have been brought up in atmosphere of fear , “ states Bilal Ahmad , a youth.
N. A. Qazi , a middle aged and senior media professional states – “I remember my youth in the good golden days of 1980s when it was quite safe and secure , the transport was available till late night and lot of entertainment facilities were available. The environment and surroundings were very nice and healthy in condition. We were not having any bloodshed. I pray that we get that old peaceful and tranquil Kashmir back.” (KNB)
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