Kashmir: Moral Education Among Youth Is Need Of The Hour


Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 06 Dec (KNB): An alarming change has been seen today in the people of Kashmir, the society is witnessing the rapid degeneration and the deterioration in the moral and ethical values. The population of J&K especially the young population is rapidly falling the prey of drugs and alcohol including other immoral activities which are serious concern and threat to our society.

There is drastic change in the behavior and the attitude of the teenagers. The cause and root of this problem is not recent phenomena , its traces has been intended in the society, which has spread at high magnitude in recent times. The effect of the degradation is reflected in different undesirable aspects of society. In the past, youth of Kashmir used to respect the teachers and elders but today’s generation is losing moral values and disregarding these ethics. The hospitals and clinics are flooded with the drug addicts, the number of youths indulged in alcoholism and drugs is far more than the official data.

Before the 1990’s in Kashmir, all people whether Hindu or Muslim love to live with each other and history has witnessed that a Kashmiri Muslim and Pandit had set an example of moral values and brotherhood in the society.
In a shameful incident, a father allegedly raped his own daughter, and make everyone shocked, this is not a single example as many such cases happened and are happening in our society on every passing day.

It is the need of the hour to develop the political, ideological ,moral and psychological quality education among the young generation as it plays a decisive and guiding role in upholding the socialistic nature of child, assuring the correct political and moral direction in cultivating talent and promoting the around development of younger generation.

While talking with Kashmir News Bureau, Mufti Imran Qasmi, an Islamic Scholar said “It is the collective duty of the parents, teachers and society to enrich their children with the moral education at young age and educate them about their social responsibilities and rights of other citizens on them. Education system should include the teachings of the Sufis and their biography in the curriculum.

‘’The mases need to follow the teachings of islam , the prophet Mohammad has narrated that the best among the mankind is one who has the best manners, the parents needs to educate their children’s with moral education besides the formal education,, Sajad Ishberi,”an Islamic Scholar said.

It is the moral beliefs which separate us from the animals. Moral orientation of youth needs to be strengthened to build up a moral and harmonious society. It is very much obligatory and need of hour to make and implement a constructive approach to overcome the derationing situation. (KNB)

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