Kashmir Is Heaven On Earth, Let There Be Light: Arijit Singh

Famous Singer of bollywood Arijit Singh expressed his life journey,  he spoke about his dreams, handling popularity and shared the secret behind his disheveled look some time ago.

He was a participant in one of the reality-singing series, Fame Gurukul in 2005. Singh is best known for Tum Hi Ho (song) from Aashiqui 2 that won him Filmfare and IIFA best male playback singer award in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

In an exclusive interview Arijit singh talks to senior Managing editor Kashmir Scenario Malik Sameed.

Malik Sameed: Tell us about your childhood days?

Arjit Singh: My childhood was full of activities like sports, music and had friends. I usually like to make friends.

Malik Sameed: Tell us about your struggle in Bollywood?

Arijit Singh: Whatever I have got today requires struggle so I don’t call it struggle.

Malik Sameed: What is your opinion about the current Kashmir situation?

Arijit Singh: I can only remember the flood recently. I pray to god and wish things were better.

Malik Sameed: Do you think about is missing the real feel of Kashmir?

Arijit Singh: Bollywood is missing a lot of things and also coming up with films and projects to compensate,new things are happening. More realistic films are on board. Things are changing. about Kashmir and I don’t know how much truth the world know and how much truth is shown.

Malik Sameed: Do you think Haider movie defined the real Kashmir?

Arijit Singh: As my concern Haider is not a documentary,So it’s not supposed to show real Kashmir. It’s a story based in Kashmir so we shouldn’t expect much

Malik Sameed: what will you show of Kashmir if you get a chance?

Arijit Singh: If I get a chance to show Kashmir, I would like to show the mountains and the little big heart of human being.

Malik Sameed: Do you think cinema is important in Kashmir?

Arijit Singh: Real cinema, documentaries and world cinema are important in Kashmir and of course bollywood films are needed anywhere as we get entertained because bollywood does the job beautifully.

Malik Sameed: You recently did a concert with Atif Aslam “Nobo”, what was the main motive of the concert?

Arijit Singh: My motive of doing the concert was simply entertaining people, because we are entertainers. So there was no other motive.

Malik Sameed: Your Role Model?

Arijit Singh: Well my role are two person, My guru Sri Rajendra Prasad Hajari and my teacher, Mr. Amiya Singha Roy.

Malik Sameed: Your message to Kashmir?

Arijit Singh: Kashmir is the heaven of the world full of hope and peace. Let there be light. Insha Allah the whole world “We brothers India and Pakistan will be proud of the jannat “the beauty queen Kashmir. At last I would like to say “EK SAFED SUBAH KI DUA KARTA HOON”

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