Irfan another symbol of Kashmir tragedy

Today Kashmir as usual woke to another heart breaking news as it was reported that in South Kashmir Bullet-riddled body of Army soldier Sepoy Irfan Ahmed Dar was recovered in Shopian, south Kashmir this morning. He was 23, with authorities saying probe is on.

The wailing relatives of Irfan especially his grief ridden parents are testimony to the fact that sorrow , gloom have become part and parcel of life in Kashmir.

The cost that humanity is bearing in Kashmir due to these constant killings is huge. From militant to soldier to civilian whenever a human dies in Kashmir conflict the price is huge for their families as it means life long devastations.

Irfan was cute, smart as beautiful as any Bollywood actor but this cruel conflict consumed him too. We now need peace and peace as no longer these deaths and continued violence bear any fruits but just create havoc.

Irfan also bears testimony to the fact that unfortunately tragedy has become part of life in South Kashmir which should be healed.

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