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Humanity is the essence of our living. We need to remind ourselves that humanity binds us all as human beings and the betterment and improvement of human condition should be the concern and desire of every sane human being. We should also fight against those selfish and vested interests who in the name of religion, caste, and creed are always trying to divide us and create bloodshed and destruction. The holy concept of religion is for betterment of humanity and we should have eagle eye over the selfish interests who are hell bent on dividing humanity. Let us pledge on this World Human Rights Day to make world a better place to live wherein we all as humans live in peace, prosperity and humanity.

Darvinder Singh, RTI Activist.

Humanity is passing through very sensitive stage wherein several cruel quarters are hell bent on dividing humans on different lines.Let all the good and positive voices pledge on this day of Woirld Human Rights to make this globe a better place to live. For achieving betterment all the positive forces need to get united and destroy the plans of evil forces who want to create mayhem. We as humanbeings of this world need to settle our all burning issues in an amicable manner so that this world becomes a beautiful place to live. We on this Human Rights Day need to take pledge to help in combating evils like poverty and inequality as these issues lead to number of problems.

Syed Ilyas, Social Activist

Human Values and humanity are the reason for our being .We all as the citizens of this globe should thrive for a better world wherein there is no hate and animosity. The world in order to achieve peace and prosperity should solve burning problems especially political problems because these are the symptoms and causes of larger negative phenomenon called “Hate and Distrust”. I hope all the global sane voices on this world human rights day take a pledge to make world a better place to live.

Bilal Bashir Bhat Editor-in-Chief, Only Kashmir Newsportal.

Humanity is the essence of every religion and we as humanbeings should strive for its it becomes responsibility of every individuals to uphold the pillars of humanity .Every individual should become role model to strengthen humanity and take stringent measures for its survival.We should do everything to uphold and follow the great values of humanity .

Niyaz Ahmad Bhat, Academician.

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