British MP cautions India in view of Modi’s UK visit

In a meeting with British Member of Parliament Jess Phillips, a delegation of members of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK led by President Fahim Kayani discussed the ongoing violations of international law and continued human rights abuse committed by India.

MP Jess Phillips shared her concerns about the violence being perpetrated in Indian side of Kashmir and emphasised that India must live by standards of democracy they wish to celebrate.
“The people of Kashmir are entitled to self-determination and we will be working in the UK as parliamentarians to urge the British government to make sure that negotiations can take place to seek solutions where violence and human rights violations can be stopped”.

Kayani outlined the plan for a massive protest to be held in light of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the UK for the Commonwealth Heads of State Meeting to be held in April in London. He further stated that the protest will involve all Kashmiri and Pakistani organisation in the UK with a multipronged strategy for maximum impact to highlight the negative behaviour of India in front of the world media, and other global leaders.

Letters have been addressed to other Heads of State attending the Commonwealth Meeting to raise the issue of Kashmir with the Indian Prime Minister, who has recently sent the Indian Home Minister to draft an MOU with the British government to end anti-India activities on British soil.

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