VC Khadi Board favoritism based appointment

The PDP -BJP government has in a recent development appointed Former MLA of Shangus Peer Mansoor as the Vice Chairman Khadi Board .
All this is been seen as height of favoritism as the said person is by qualification and experience not fit for this high profile job.
According to sources,favoritism and backdoor tactics have been applied to make this illegal appointment.

“The appointed VC does not have the required experience and capability to run the affairs of Khadi Board like Department and in no way can run this department .Peer lobby is being nourished by PDP and all norms are being violated for same.The promises of good governance are going to dustbin,”stated a senior valley based Analyst.

Sources state that there have been allegations of corruption and inefficiency against Peer Mansoor in past the appointment is seen as manifestation of castiest bias adopted by the PDP in making crucial appointments .

Mansoor Appointment has also been dubbed as analysts state that the PDP lead government is virtually giving vent to upper caste mafia style governance via these series of appointment.

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