Ten astounding facts of 2016 Kashmir Agitation

 Kashmir Scenario Analysis

2016 Kashmir agitation has redefined the realms of resistance parameters in Kashmir struggle.

Here are ten unique facts of this unprecedented agaitation

1. 166 civilians injured per day in agitation

2. 750 of injured civilians were hit by pellets in eyes, with many of them facing blindness

3. First ever agitation in recent memory in Kashmir in which injured count has gone beyond 10000

4. First time ever shutdown and curfews on trot crossing 60 days

5. First such mass agitation in Kashmir which started after killing of a militant leader in Kashmir

6. Massive participation of women in protests, scores of women injured and some killed as well in 2016 agitation.

7. An agitation which has been more powerful in rural areas than urban ones.

8. First such event when all credible civil society figures or resistance figures refused to meet Indian leadership.

9. Community or curfew schools coming into existence at local level due to complete lockdown

10. First time ever in three decades of resistance complete shutdown on day of Eid as well.

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