Survey reveals corruption rising in J&K

Yasmeen Manzoor 


Srinagar, July 30(KNB): Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik addressed corruption as the single biggest problem of the state as well as the reason for retardation in economic development.


Malik without mentioning any name pointed towards political families of the state and said that while people in the state lived in extreme poverty, there was no limit to the wealth of the big families who ruled the state.


In a recent survey, Anti-Corruption Bureau has registered more than thirty corruption cases in this year where mostly allegations are against  political leaders,businessmen, bureaucrats.


Pertinently, a year back Centre of Media Service (CMS) has placed Jammu and Kashmir along with Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh  under most corrupt states.


The survey also stated that the key reasons for paying bribe in a public service are similar in almost every state where the reasons for corrupt practices could be broadly categorized as procedural, documentation related, payment evasion and dependency on service providers.


A social activist said, “Corruption if left unaddressed would create an unstable environment that is susceptible to disturbance triggered by internal as well as external factors, the state institutions lose the trust of their citizens and the traditional forms of society control get eroded.”(KNB)

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