SKIMS Security Guards Installing fear Among Attendants

Malik Sajid

Despite repeated tall claims of making SKIMS people friendly, the SKIMS security is installing fear among patient attendants and visitors via their harassing tactics.

Hurling abuses, using foul, angry language and showing sometimes even muscle power has become synonymous with SKIMS Security .

Already tense patient attendants get more depressed after witnessing this hostile behavior they get more tensed .

Afzal Ahmad, a patient attendant stated -” The SKIMS security surely lacks the professional approach and training to deal with the patients and their attendants. Maintaining security, discipline is well understood but harassing tactics and crude behavior is simply unacceptable which the SKIMS security often resort to .This is against the honour and dignity .”

Another attendant said ” This is not Hospital as it looks like a Police Station where security guards miss no opportunity to harass the visitors.

Pertinently, majority of visitors complain of rude behaviour from SKIMS security .

When Kashmir Scenario Contacted Medical Superintendent, he assured full action into the matter .

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