Sensational high profile Bollywood style Love Triangle surfaces in Kashmir

In a sensational love triangle top female IAS officer and top male IAS officer and a senior minister are involved. And in turn around of events, the female officer cut her wrist in an suicide attempt as a fallout of this love triangle.

Pertinently,the climax of love seems to have reached peak from all sides.This sensational love triangle has reached the corridors of Assembly. Deputy Speaker Legislative Assembly Nazir Gurezi on Saturday directed government not to give sensitive post to an official who had attempted suicide and this suicide is related to this case.

The issue was raised by PDP MLA Javaid Mustafa Mir quoting a news report published in The daily  newspaper today that an IAS officer had attempted suicide.

“Tell us what were the reasons that official had attempted suicide. Are they taught to do so. Such sensitive posting should not be given to such officials who are also threat to others,” demanded Mir.

On this Gurezi said it is right such officials should not be given sensitive postings.What will this Bollywood drama lead to remains to be seen. But this case is likely to create ripples in state politics and add new spice to it.Ironically, settled family of all three involved in Love Triangle makes the case perfect script for an enthralling Bollywood movie.

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