Sane mature voices can save Kashmiri youth

Adil Ahmad
Youth is the season of hope is the famous quote but this season of hope can bear positive fruits only when given direction by the youth.
Elders are the bedrock of every Society. The wisdom of elders shapes the society.
 Today in current Kashmir many are of the view that as youth are trying to sideline the advice of elders and not listen to them we are thus in deep chaos and confusion.
Society pulse is that youth should listen to whatever their elders say them.
The increased tendency of youth towards violence and growing drug addiction in the society is said to be because of the gulf that has been created between elders and youth.
Rational pulse on the ground is that  Elders have paramount role in directing youth towards right direction,  elders have treasure of experience  to share with youth so that to give them right direction. With rise of media like social media the youth of Kashmir and other parts is blended with not just information flow but information bombardment so elderly wisdom gains much center stage in this situation.
The experience of elders and zest of youth should perfectly form a fusion so that youth are given right direction. As their exists sometimes tussles which are called generation gap phenomenon and thus giving rise to many a vices like moral decay. We need a society where youth and elders are in fusion, cooperation not in loggerheads. The elders should also transmit good values to the younger generation and not shun the responsibilities towards youth while as youth should also understand the value of spending more time with elders which is more valuable than bookish or any other experience.
The further pulse on the ground is that youth of Kashmir should also give away the tendency of behaving as if they know everything. And at every level of life,  at every step of life the youth in Kashmir should take recourse and steps according to advice of elders. The advice and knowledge combined with prudence that elders can provide youth is much more than contained in any book of the world or thing.
On the otherhand, listening to elders into according to sanity voices is the only right way ahead for our youth.
The youth should learn that path ahead will become fertile only by obeying elders and it is clearly mentioned in Islamic teachings that we should obey elders. The youth should shun arrogance and understand the wealth of experience that their elders enjoy. It is only the elders who can give right orientation and guidance to the youth .In Kashmir or any other part of the world not following elders can lead to the chaos and confusion and make youth go astray. Be it drug addiction or any other negative tendency it is only the elders who can bring back the youth  of Kashmir from extinction. So youth in Kashmir for betterment of our society should listen to the elderly wisdom and advice.
Many a voices state that role of elders in shaping youth of Kashmir is not just limited but it has wider horizons.
In society the elders everywhere have crucial role to play be it in family and schools elders have everywhere crucial role in shaping the children and youth towards right direction. The administration elders, academic heads and police have crucial role in shaping youth.
The respect of elders and honoring their advice can lead our youth to right direction. The elders should also love the youngsters. We need to bear in mind that Kashmir has been epicenter of Sufi teachings so we need to increase the accountability of the youth and move them in right direction. From the head of the family to the school principal every and each of the elder position in the society has a crucial role in making our Kashmir a better place to live and give our youth a right sort of the direction they need.
The nutshell iota of the pulse is that youth of the Kashmir should listen and follow the wisdom of elders and elders should give love to the youth but monitor them especially in the volatile medium like social media and if youth are not guided by elderly prudence we would witness a sea of chaos and confusion and thus further destruction in Kashmir. (KNB)
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