Restore Mobile services In Kashmir. Appeals all the students studying at Iran.

As per the spokesperson person of Kashmiri students at Iran Syed Karar Hashmi.
From last one week we don’t know where abouts of our dear one’s.

We are highly worried about them. The War like situation in Kashmir are making us more worried and frightened. The uncertain notions about our family and relatives are continously moving in our minds usually after hearing the news of Civilian killings. It is too difficult to live outside Kashmir without talking and without knowing Wellness of our families. Our studies havr effected due to uncertainty and situation prevailing in our Kashmir valley from last 70 days.

Before six days PDP chief spokesmen told that Mobile network and broadband services will be restored in two days but nothing happen.

We request the higher authorities to restore the mobile services , so we can contact our parents and relatives.

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