Over 50% rise in fake News on social media during lockdown

Malik Sameed

Srinagar, May 18(KNB): Reports have revealed that over 50% has risen in fake news during lockdown in India and the usage of internet has increased by 30%.

Jammu and Kashmir is also among the top localities worstly hit by impersonations on Social networking sites affecting the various sensitive sectors of society from high-profile executives to a common man negatively affecting reputation.

Talking to Kashmir News Bureau, a Cyber expert said, “During this tough time people should understand when forwarding the news through whatsapp or facebook because it can damage the whole society.”

“As the whole world is battling with the deadly coronavirus pandemic, fake news is making rounds on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media with false claims,” he said.

To stop the spread of fake news, the cyber crime branch of the Kashmir Police has registered nine cases regarding misuse of social media since the outbreak of coronavirus.

Earlier in this month, fake news was spread across the country about the home ministry that had decided to make it a punishable offence if anyone posts information related to the coronavirus on social media.

A journalist was booked in connection with spreading fake news regarding plying of buses amid the lockdown in Himachal Pradesh.

According to Survey, People feel 50 to 80 percent of Covid 19 -related news posted on social media is ‘fake’, and doesn’t believe on the social media news and relying on e-papers to keep themselves updated.

Meanwhile, J-K Administration have launched a website to counter the fake news, and said spreading fake news, misinformation and fear mongering can land a person in jail besides it is a punishable offense and knowingly or unknowingly forwarding any fake news is a crime.

Pertinently, Cyber Police Kashmir warned people that stringent action under law will be taken against those impersonating fake names or pictures on social media.

In a statement, Superintendent of Police (SP), In-charge Cyber Police Kashmir Tahir Ashraf said, “Those using fake IDs and images to dupe community members are resorting to felonious offense and elements involved in the act would not be spared with impunity.”(KNB)

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