Mehraj Wani KAS officer sets great example of Society by adopting three children for education 



Srinagar,Jun27: In an bright example for the administrative philanthropy the young and dynamic Government KAS  official Mehraj Wani has under the back to villages programme has adopted three students from Ganderbal Lar zone during the visit to these areas.

He has assured to meet their academic expenses out of his monthly salary.


Pertinently,  Mehraj Wani is posted as Manager in Industries and Commerce Department.



Masses of the area are appreciating his gesture and terming it not only great but historic as well.

” Mehraj Wani has set example for entire society that how the Cover Government  officers can become role models for entire society and inspire them to do noble works. We hope this gesture would make us all honest towards life and do something good for entire world. This gesture has won definitely many hearts and minds. ”


Experts state that this initiative would strengthen the cause and aims of the Government lead campaign back to villages.


For this act of amazing large hearted approach   Mehraj Wani is expected to hog the limelight for much longer time.

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