Losing brothers in this conflict is “Very Unfortunate”: Dr Ridwana Sanam

Anantnag 25 April(KNB): Independent candidate for Anantnag Constituency Dr Ridwana said, “Losing our brothers or sons to this violence is unfortunate, and appealed Government to talk with local mlitants who are picking guns.”

Dr Ridwana in a statement said ” I feel sorry as we are losing the lives to the violence ,especially those who invested many years in their education and wanted to have careers which shows that something dangerous is going within the system which is forcing the youth towards the arms and militancy.

She added that after the years of the hardworking in the field of the education our youth instead of serving their community are choosing the path of violence leaving their career and families”
She appealed the government and asked for an introspection and reach out to these youths and listen to them and look for the root cause of this issue.
Youth is future of nation and losing them like this will not do any good. We will only be losing more and more hope.

Adding to the less percentage of voting which happened in Anantnag constituency on 23rd of April 2019, she said boycott has become a way of showing aggression by people but it’s not the solution. We will lose more lives and won’t achieve anything out of this. Be wise and think wisely.

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