Kashmir and Kashmiri are message for the world: Javed Siddique

Javed Hasan Siddique is a screen, dialogue and play writer of Bollywood. He is also well known for his Bollywood hits like baazigar, yeah Diligi, Dilwale Dulhania le jayenga and bagged several awards for his great work.

In an exclusive interview with The Kashmir Scenario, Javed Siddique talks to Malik Sameed

Kashmir Scenario:  Tell us something about your childhood?

Javed Siddique: My childhood was same as others but my father died early.At the age of 17 I came to Mumbai, at the time I had completed my matriculation. I worked as a journalist in khilafat newspaper and after then worked with many newspapers for more than 15 years. In 1975 i joined film industry and wrote drama, films and books.

Kashmir  Scenario:  what differences you find in between journalism and film writing?

Javed Siddique:  Well, both having big differences, journalism depends on truth and film is only fiction, but both have one common thing as it’s my own experience, both are thrilling like in journalism you don’t know what is going next whether it is good news or bad news and as in film line you don’t know what is the next moment like what kind of story, did actor will agree to work on this kind of story. So the thrill is common in journalism and film writing.

Kashmir Scenario:  You have written many film stories like “Dilwala le dulhana le jayega” “Pardes” so which one inspires you?

Javed Siddique: “Smiling” it is a difficult question for me because you know I have written 90 films. I will give you an example of a father if someone ask him, which ward you like most and did you think he will give you answer, no he will not because it’s very difficult for him to choose, so how can I choose and speaking accurately, I have not written such story which will inspire me but I am working on it and will be soon on floors.

Kashmir Scenario:  Do you ever think you should  write a story on Kashmir history?

Javed Siddique: yes, even I have written, the film was titled as “Parbat ka us paar” and my daughter was actress “Lubna”. The story was on Kashmir background and we shoot in Pulwama but unfortunately film not cross much as expected. We see Kashmir as a beautiful valley, but due to disturbances of politics, it is showing different scenario and when we think about Kashmir mostly we use it as a background but we don’t think as Kashmir as it is.

Kashmir Scenario: As you Said Kashmir is used as a background, so did you think a Kashmiri has importance in Indian Bollywood?

Javed Siddique:  No, Kashmiri has its own importance, but Bollywood is missing such kind of stories of Kashmir in which they should show problems, culture of Kashmir.

Kashmir Scenario:  Did you think “Haider” Movie has shown somehow the reality of Kashmir and how was its impact?

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Javed Siddique:  As per my concern Haider was a really good movie. India is populated country and different people has different thinking, young ones like one type of movie, some like comedy and some like serious, so it’s not obligatory, but well educated people understood the movie and gave good remarks on haider movie. I think haider not got such promotion as movie deserves because the only reason was categorical.

Kashmir Scenario:  why you have slow down your work after such block buster’s you gave to the film industry?

Javed Siddique:  yes, I go slowly due to my eyesight difficulty and I can’t write or read perfectly, but I am writing a film story of Muzaffar Ali sahib “JAANISAR”   and had written a few more at present but my speed  really goes slow, as in the past I was writing two or three films in a year and now I can write only film , well age also affects.

Kashmir Scenario: what is your message for Kashmir?

Javed Siddique:  Kashmir and Kashmiri are message for the world. Kashmir is struggling and having lots of pressure, persons from outside came and ravages their harmony. I have never met such Kashmiri who told me I am angry. They have the spirit to live a better life.

Kashmir Scenario: Would you like to shoot any movie in Kashmir?

Javed Siddique:  yes of course, I travel half part of the world almost but Kashmir has different beauty and the beautiful valley  always make a place in the heart. When I visit Kashmir I saw mountains, feel fresh air, then I feel in my heart why some people want to obliterate it, we should  take care about it.

Kashmir Scenario:  What’s the main reason for writing the book “roshdan”, which were published in both countries India and Pakistan?

Javed Siddique: Well, I don’t know that you have read my book. Roshdan is a book related to me like who met in my life and people who touch my heart, drop their memories in my heart and mind. In almost every human being, somebody drops  their memories like my book defines those moments and thanks to Allah “Roshdan” made a good impact in both countries,  now my next book related to Roshdan is  coming in 3 months.

Kashmir Scenario: Who is your Role model?

Javed Siddique: I don’t have such a role model but if I like someone’s writing have been my role model. A person who is  honest is my role model, a struggler  is my role model. No one is perfect because I think a perfect person don’t want to be perfect in today’s generation and  we usually don’t know whether we will find such kind of diamond.

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