JKPM Leader blame Mainstream parties for plight of Kashmiri Pandit Community

Srinagar 02 April (KNB): JKPM leader Feroze Peerzada blamed the mainstream political parties for the   present awful plight of the Kashmiri migrant Pandits and alleged that they are using the Pandits for their political benefit without taking a concrete step for their rehabilitation.

In a statement issued here, Feroze Peerzada said “Kashmiri Pandit community is suffering since last three decades, they left their homeland, property, all belongings and unfortunately are living as the migrants in different parts of the country, they are yet to get any respite from the sufferings, and it has been 29 years since they migrated and they still crave for their return and every political party in power whether regional or national  like  PDP, NC,BJP or Congress, they were never honest in rehabilitation of this community instead they used them as a tool  for political gains.”

“Kashmiri Pandit community is so disheartened with these political parties and has lost their faith in them, which is evident through the voting of the parliamentary elections in the specially established polling booths for the Pandits in Jammu division, they didn’t support these parties. He added

Feroze  Peerzada  further added “Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement  is committed for the rehabilitation of the  Pandit community and Pandits are part of the JKPM family  and we will try to give  a healing touch to their sufferings  and make them live a dignified life in Kashmir as Kashmir is incomplete without the  Pandit community.” (KNB)





















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