J&K: BJP MLA demands bombing on Pakistan

Jammu, Feb 05 (KNB): Ravendra Raina MLA of ruling party BJP Monday interacting with the reporters said that it’s high time for Indian Air force to come forward and bombard Pakistan as they cannot understand the language of diplomacy and talks.

“The way Indian camps were made target by the Pakistan is not acceptable to us, Indian Air force should be given full authority and all the terrorists’ places in Pakistan should be fired upon”, the MLA said.
Pakistan is a nation which never understands anything unless we take the bold step of allowing our Air force to take a lead step and to bombard the terrorist places in Pakistan.
He further said that Pakistan is not capable of fighting a war with the Indian soldiers and this is the reason Pakistan is targeting the Indian camps through missiles.
“The Pakistan was trying to infiltrate the terrorists into the Indian boundary and when it was made a failure by the Indian army, Pakistan got infuriated and targeted the soldiers with missiles where our four jawans were martyred”, he said.
He further said that anti Pakistan slogan were raised in the assembly over this behavior of Pakistan and all the members protested against Pakistan.
The MLA said that all terrorists training camps in Pakistan must be destroyed once for all.

“All the terrorist training camps established in the Pakistan must be bombarded by the Indian Air Force, Pakistan is a terrorist country and it cannot understand the language of diplomacy and democracy”, he said. (KNB)
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