Gulmarg golf course dotted with horse Manure



Srinagar, July 30, : The Development Authority at Gulmarg has virtually left the beautiful golf course on the mercy of Almighty. The golfers are shocked to see heaps of garbage and horse manure in golf course at Gulmarg.


Much to the shock of the golfers, the picturesque meadow of Gulmarg is dotted with horse manure.


One can easily see heaps of horse manure at Gulmarg Golf Course. Golfers are blaming Development Authority for the negligence. At some places the horse manure is very dry, indicating the management is not paying any attention towards this mess.


“Leave aside the removing of horse manure from Gulmarg Golf Course, management can’t even maintain the turf as they lack training. Those who manage affairs have no specialization,” said a golfer Ghulam Rasool Guru to Kashmir News Trust adding that even Pahalgam Golf Course is in shambles.


Another golfer Shabir Ahmed Bhat alleged that funds are not being properly utilized to maintain these golf courses.


“People from all over the world visit these tourist resorts. I wonder how authorities are not maintaining these picturesque golf courses. The pungent smell emanating from the garbage repels players and tourists as well,” Bhat said.


The outgoing Chief Executive Officer of Gulmarg Development Authority Mr Hanif Balkhi said that they were doing every possible thing to maintain this golf course. “I would request now to new CEO to take care of the matter,” he said.

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