Don’t hold yourself hostage to past: Mohammad Iqbal Khan

Mohammed Iqbal Khan (born 10 February 1981), more commonly known as Iqbal Khan, is an actor on Indian television and has also worked in Bollywood. Khan was born in Kashmir and educated at Pinegrove School Kasauli. He was a part of Falguni Pathak’s “Indhana Mirwa” music video..

In an exclusive interview with The Kashmir scenario he talks to Senior Managing Editor Malik Sameed. He dwelled on his Bollywood journey so far, lessons learnt, vision on burning issues .

What Prompted you to go into world of Bollywood?

The urge to act and prove my mettle was in me since childhood days. When situation was volatile and worst I had joined Boarding School in Himachal Pradesh .To pursue my dreams, I first joined modeling and then had successful transition in world of Bolywood.

Have you ever faced discrimination in the name of ‘Jammu and Kashmir’’ inhabitant ?

No I have never faced any discrimination here as being a kashmiri .

Tell us about your 15 year long journey in Bollywood ?

My journey so far in Bollywood has been one of smooth transition ,excellent and I believe in holding firm to principles of love and professionalism .

Who is your role model ?

I do not believe in having role models  and as such I have no role models .

Do you believe that Bollywood has been honest in portrayal of Kashmir in movies ?

The Bollywood should focus more on showing positive things of Kashmir. If I would make a movie ever on Kashmir I would focus on showing normal things like natural beauty and hospitable nature of my people .

Does human rights excesses in kashmir hurt you?

Yes I feel quiet pained by the human rights abuses in the valley of Kashmir as successive governments failed to control the scenario in kashmir .But there are some selfish interests  who instigate youth to violence for their petty selfish interests and are enemy to peace .

How do you view the controversies relate to people being asked to stand when National anthem is being played in theaters ?

First of all I have not understood the logic that why only cinemas should be asked to ensure people stand up during anthem recitation and not other fields of life like schools or other departments. It is also complete nonsense when people are asked to stand  even when anthem is part of movie script.

Your vision  from Bollywood experiences that you would like  to share with youngsters ?

I would like to say that follow your dreams with passion and dedication. The key to success in glamour world is being calm, cool and composed.

What is your message to people of Kashmir ?

We have as people retrace our path and identity and move beyond what has happened to us  in past as we cannot hold progress hostage to past for long. We have to recognize we are called Pirvaar meaning valley of Saints so we have great heritage to make a comeback and shun destructive path.

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