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Beacon Light

Author: Azam Inqilabi

Publisher: Shoba Tasneef o Taleef, J&K Mahaz e Azadi
Year of Publication: 2011
Price: Rs 100 Pages: 102

Reviewed by Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander
Azam Inqilabi, a name that needs no introduction. It is a known name in the Resistance Movement of Kashmir spanning over several decades. A revolutionary, a believer in armed struggle now turned a pacifist has a multi-dimensional personality. It rarely happens that a revolutionary who believes in changing the course of events with armed or political pacifist struggle, turns to pen and comments, advises, debates, surmises and chalks out strategies related with the resistance movement and politics. But Inqilabi does justice with this creative dimension of his personality too!!
The present book under review is a living testimony of this aspect of Inqilabi. The book is a compilation of articles that Inqilabi wrote from time to time on various aspects of local and global political scenario and events. In the Preface of the book, Inqilabi suggests that, “Our apriorism suggests that two major communities, Muslims and Christians should necessarily unite to checkmate intellectual regression, metaphysical degeneration and apostasy”. He believes that Zionists are the real culprits behind the conspiracy daunting and baffling the world today. For a befitting reply to nefarious designs of Zionists, both Christian and Muslim world needs to reunite. Inqilabi further writes, “Concomitance of dawah and resistance is paramount. Resistance will safeguard dawah. Dawah is aimed at purification of soul and ideas,fostering of metaphysical yearning for communication with God Almighty and guaranteeing of egalitarian justice. Tyranny and oppression is the hallmark of present day world. So adopt the course of comprehensive dawah for a macro evolutionary change in the global civil society. Yes, this is what time demands of you. Muslims are averse to materialism and capitalism. Proletarianism is the auxiliary cult of a genuine Muslim revolutionary”.
Uncle Sam’s lust for oil and its hegemony and how Asian tigers can deter the same are discussed. A deep cry and lament for the Muslim Ummah to rise from slumber is issued. The role of media and how the NATO and its intervention in Afghanistan has brought miseries on it are deliberated. Inqilabi also writes about the qualities, wisdom and prudence of statesman too. Besides that religious duties of Muslims and necessity of Dawah alongwith the attack on Libya and Arab Spring too are discussed in the book.
Inqilabi cautions the Indian State that Kashmiri youth can again opt for Gun if their democratic aspirations and non violent resistance isn’t respected and accommodated by the Indian State, “You are still obsessed with and fixated on illogical “attot ang” mantra and monomania. I, as an expert of guerrilla warfare, have the requisite capability to understand the dynamics of Kashmir resistance movement. For an average educated young man it is only a 20 minute job to know how to handle a rifle and become a sniper causing scare. If you, instead of adopting a humanistic approach to Kashmir vortex, continue to bank on chauvinistic activism in Kashmir to inadvertently push the Kashmiris to the wall, young revolutionaries here will, in desperation, orchestrate an unwholesome show of resilient revolt to make the mountainous terrain of Kashmir more inhospitable for your inept and overambitious forces” (P-26)
The role of NATO Forces, U.S in Afghanistan and Iraq and their aggressive belligerent policies are criticized now and then by Inqilabi. He very well states, “Saying “sorry” after decimating and massacring the innocent people in Afghanistan can in no way assuage the wounded feelings of Afghanis and the Muslim confraternity around. The word “sorry” cannot be an ideal amende honorable. Please detoxify the western politics. That is all we demand of you” (P-47). The biased, prejudiced, skewed policies and attitude of UNO are too vehemently criticized, “Pity the forum, UNO, which failed in reacting and intervening with promptitude characteristic of a conscientious custodian of peace and justice when India, as an ideal arrogant imperialistic power, decided to hang Muhammad Maqbool Bhat, the icon of Kashmir resistance movement, on February 11, 1984 for no fault of the committed freedom zealot except that he vociferously espoused the cause of independence of Kashmir. The tottering political edifice of UNO has caused universal disillusionment and disenchantment all over the globe. Its objectivism and not the resilient subjectivity of the world powers which can salvage UNO and guarantee deliverance of subjugated, oppressed and suppressed people of the world” (P-59)
The joint role of U.S in helping Israel commit atrocities against the innocent Palestinians and silence of UNO at these grave human rights violations adds insult to injury and emboldens Israel to commit more severe atrocities with impunity, is lamented and decried. Inqilabi comes heavily against the continuous imposition of Draconian Laws in Kashmir that give impunity to security forces to merciless and wanton killings of innocent citizens in J&K. “Delhi liege lords have blatantly guaranteed the impunity of Indian armed personnel through AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act of 1990). Infact, AFSPA is aimed at sanctifying the state terrorism where an average soldier wields the power of a relentless dictator who is answerable to none but his own prerogative as intractable and atrocious ruler. AFSPA provides a military doctrine- “Armed Forces Should Pre-Empt Attack”. They are not pre-empting an attack; they are, infact, prompting the youngsters of Kashmir to attack with pebbles and stones. Their bullets do kill a boy but the pebbles of the boy do not kill a soldier. So their wanton use of force creates horror and terror. Military activism of Delhi rulers will eventually and inevitably prove unimaginably disastrous for them” (P-85).
The book deals with a number of current issues and challenges baffling mankind. It tries to provide an answer and alternative to many of them. The author must be appreciated and applauded for this work.

Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander is Writer-Activist based in Srinagar, Kashmir and can be reached at

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