Baramullah town turns into garbage town

Mir Arif

Despite of dumping site at Jahama, Azad Gunj, the inaction of Municipal Corporation over lifting garbage from Baramullah town is posing threat to health of localites. The town generates 30 to 40 tons of waste per day and dumps that solid waste on roadsides.

Locals alleged that this dumped garbage radiate foul smell and creates unpleasant feeling which have created many health problems in our vicinity. “We have non availability of community dustbins which compels us to throw solid wastes on road sides and on the banks of river Jhelum. There is no conscious authority to intervene in our grievances. Few days ago, some municipality workers were caught red handed while off loading the garbage in our area near road side and were also beaten by local residents of that area”, they added.

Collecting garbage from door to door is laborious job for sanitation workers. There is no authority to regulate their attendance and duty hours. Most of the waste – solid as well as bio medical is disposed off on streets, open drains and water bodies.

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