35 A insensitivite approach of Govt

In a latest turnaround of events , we are learning that an important file concerning the legal opinion on article 35 A has gone missing from high profile and secure North Bloc area of Delhi .

This has happened at a time when ruling BJP combined with legal activists by hindutva elements is on full spree trying to get Article 35 A cancelled via Supreme Court .

This in a way means abrogation of Article 370 by which Jammu Kashmir acceded to India and thus by striking it down means taking away the nucleus of Article 370.
Voices on online world have written that if a file in which 35-A was justified by the then Attorney-General has gone missing from the North Bloc’s high security vaults. Thieves think that by stealing these important files can nullify historic acts. They better do it directly rather than abusing judiciary.

PDP is also by it’s confusing, lethargic attitude seems to be a party to crime and lending support to onslaught on rights of people of Kashmir .

Also it is further stated then we should plan to steal ‘Instrument of Accession’ and by their logic that should end the accession. What mockery!

This file lose means rubbing further salt on the wounds of kashmiris.

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