12 Years On, Pakherpora to Charar-e-Sharief Road Yet To Be completed

Farooz Ahmad Lone

In yet R&B’s another prototype of sluggish approach of development, the road that connects block Pakherpora to Tehsil Charar-e-Sharief via Mohan Pora, Futli Pora and Zanipanchal has not been macadamized since it was carved out.

The time when the road was constructed more than a decade back, it has not been macadamized since. The length of the road is about less than four kilometers and curtails the time and distance considerably the road takes via the main road that goes through villages of Khaigam and Kanidhajan.

Furthermore, the road has a great deal of significance keeping in view the number of villages it caters and the magnitude of facilitation it could potentially provide. The road caters not less than a dozen villages. It facilitates the people of different walks ranging from farmers to shopkeepers, businessmen to students and so on.

“The road will cut down time substantially after its macadamized construction is completed and actually it does that now even being in a ramshackled state” said a local, Sajad Ahmad.

While lamenting, Sajad further said, “The road has already caused a vast damage to the property of the people and many vehicles in the form of accidents and other minor damages due to its dilapidated condition.

The road is in the worst conditions at multiple places where its gradient is steeper. There have been landslides and are ripe possibilities of landslides along the road in the bad-weather time.”

He also said that the road needs bunds and blocks at several places. We have been demanding its repairing and macadamization for a long time but the government never considered them”

Talking to another local resident of Futlipora, he said, “We approached several governments, each government promised its repairing, bunds and blocks and macadamisation but each government broke its promises”

While talking to Kashmir News Bureau (KNB), the concerned Axen R&B, Chadoora, Budgam said, “I am not aware as I have been here only for a week. Nevertheless I will take up the issue as soon as possible” (KNB)

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