Highway ban will effect Kashmir Politics, Govt. must revoke it: Dr Ridwana Sanam

Srinagar, Apr 10(KNB): Independent MP Candidate of south Kashmir Dr Ridwana Sanam on Wednesday criticised the move of the government to ban the civilian traffic on highway on sunday and wednesday and termed the move as a direct attack on the economy and politics of the state.

Dr Ridwana in a statement said that the order has badly affected the business establishments of the valley as the highway gag gives an impression that the valley is a military zone which has drastically affected the inflow of the tourists to the valley and has negatively affected the economy of the state.

She added that the muscular approach of the government is also affecting the campaign of the political candidates and is creating the hindrances to reach to the people and vice versa.

She added that the convoy movement can be made possible through the night hours and there is no need to create the problem to the common people as the common masses are facing the problems from every side.

Ridwana Sanam Asks Government, “How a voter can come out from their home to cast a vote if highway ban will not be revoked, “How can people from South Kashmir can attend my rally that is scheduled on Sunday.

Dr Ridwana urged the government to look at the matter in a logical and humanistic way and revoke the highway closure order instead of the policies of the muscular approach. (KNB)

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