A poor mans bread earning machine is no more . If this is true, will provide the weighing machine to the poor guy out of my pocket: SMC Commissioner

Qaiser Dar

Srinagar 10 October (KNB): A picture of a broken weighing machine, in front of poor man crying with his palm against his face, has shaken the social media users in Kashmir.
The post has gone viral within hours, stating that this poor man’s only source of earning to feed his family has been destroyed to pieces in the name of ‘illegal encroachment of a footpath’.

While speaking to Kashmir News Bureau, Commissioner SMC Gazanfar Ali said, “I’ve also come across this post just some time ago, though I’m confirming the authenticity of this incident, but I want to assure the people that who so ever has done this heinous act will be put to task. I’ll personally see into this matter and any official that is found involved in this wicked behavior will be suspended”.

Commissioner SMC further said that footpaths need to be cleared for the convenience of the public but this is certainly not the way to treat the poverty-stricken people of our society, there is a way to approach these situations.

He said, “I was heartbroken when I saw the picture of this poor man. I am going to find the facts, I’m going to speak with the Chief Encroachment Officer regarding it”. (KNB)

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