3 Months on, WDC yet to disburse loan amount to beneficiaries


Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar, June 14(KNB): Amid Covid-19, every sector of society including business communities returning back to normal, a large number of women who had applied for loans under Women’s Development Corporation are still waiting for disbursal since the last three months.

Women development Corporation are yet to disburse the loans applied by a number of women beneficiaries in the month of February to start their own business setup, however with pandemic affecting every sector this too was surpassed since last few months shattering once again the dreams of many women for becoming entrepreneurs.

“I had applied for a loan of amount 3 lakh under the WDC department in the month of Feb, which was expected to be disbursed within 15 days, but unfortunately the pandemic ruined my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur as every sector came to a total halt affecting our livelihood.” One of the woman beneficiary told Kashmir News Bureau

“WDC avail loans to women under various schemes, as I being a widow took a stand to work for my and my children livelihood, I too applied for the loan but alas due to pandemic the disbursal of loans were stopped, and now every sector is returning back to normal I hope we too will be benefited by the loans and could get started our business and will lead a prosperous life finally.” another woman said who applied for a loan.

When Kashmir News Bureau contacted Development Officer, WDC Ms Rubia Parveen she said, ” As every government sector was close to combat the deadly Coronavirus, so our department too was not able to get the loans bursed in the pandemic, now that everything is returning back to normal these loans under special schemes will be disbursed soon. Moreover, many such women who want to develop their business could also apply for the same.”

Jammu & Kashmir Women`s Development Corporation was incorporated in the year 1991 under the Companies Act 1956 with an objective of implementing schemes aimed at socio-economic upliftment of women in general with particular emphasis on those living below poverty line and belonging to identified national level minorities, backward classes, physically challenged women and qualified women entrepreneurs.

Pertinently, In a move to fight Coronavirus Finance Minister earlier announced a disbursement of a total of Rs 1.70 lakh crore which includes Cash Transfers and Food Security Measures. Spread across all sectors requiring attention in the current economic scenario she clearly stated the measures taken by the government to help the poor deal with the pandemic.(KNB)

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