Kashmiri students deserve kindness

Malik Sameed

On nook and corner of Kashmir, Students have been agitating for deferment of exams for 10th and 12th class, as schools have remained closed for over 100 days now and the students state they have not been able to complete their syllabus.

Maare calling to give a considerate attention to demands of students . Nazir Ahmad, a parent stated -” We are well aware that scheduled examinations of class 12th and class 10th, commencing from mid-November but many students and student groups have accordingly appealing concerned authorities to consider their genuine request for granting concession in syllabus, as their syllabus and laboratory works are incomplete. We need to take a humane view and not to make it a point of prestige.Mental stress caused due to conflict on students has been enormous and especially the unfortunate happenings of four months.”

Academic experts state that in case concession is not granted in syllabus majority of the students will not be able to fair well in examinations, which can cause serious mental trauma and also affect their prospects for eligibility to different colleges as well as competitive examinations. These realities thus state that authorities to give it a considerate heed.

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