Where is governance ?

As last year PDP BJP started their government people hoped for new dawn in terms of governance and with the recent reformation of PDP BJP government under first women Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir state Mehbooba Mufti same hopes were seen.

But slowly and steadily all hopes are vanishing.Health sector is in shabby shape and education structure despite much talk of reforms is showing no signs of improvement.

The agriculture sector is been neglected like anything.Traffic jams have become a new norm.Roads are presenting pathetic condition .Tourism is not reviving on expected terms .

Horticulture, Transport sectors too are not showing any signs of progress.Industrial growth is stagnant .Employment opportunities and avenues are not also increasing .

The situation with reference to working of different ministries resembles the lexicon hype and efficiency in paradigms of governance is missing.

Amidst all this gloom, masses are questioning where is the governance and what has happened to the promises of effective and improved governance.

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