Zoya Khan

Tral shuts down
Second and the third day.


Tral bears sons , worthy sons of the soil
Martyrs and Mukhbirs(informers) both.

One writes inspiration on the walls of Tral.
The bitter experiences makes them enjoy their sufferings ,

The other prowls on the streets of Tral.
They drive joy from the suffering for their own.

Mothers bear sons,praiseworthy sons of the soil
Laudable and repugnant both.

One discards the wealth and the warmth of the home.
Nothing admirable than confounding their enemies with death at the door.
The other hoards the gold and fortune. for the home.
Dreaming of mansions hoodwinking his own.

Alas !

Tral bears sons, applaudable sons of the soil
Pride and shame both.

One dies for the honor and pride of his land,
He seeks death till the score is paid.

The other kneels down for the mercy of his occupiers.
He devises and designs death for his own.


Fathers bear sons ,admirable lads amidst the tall deodars
Brave and cowards both.

One dies once in a lifetime braving the betrayals.
He is honoured in the daylight of Tral

The other crumbles and dies everyday.
But honoured in the moonlight of the barracks and garrisons.

Alas !
Tral umbrazed.
One attains martyrdom
The other non-entity.
Both are sons of the same soil .
The unspoken anger and unpacked resentment shut downs for the second and the third day.
Indeed they are the Mourners and Stone Pelter sons  of the soil.
All are Unsung heroes of the soil .

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