Tilsara Residents Furious, Demand Repairing, Macadamization of Dilapidated Roads

Farooz Ahmad Lone

Budgam, July 26 (KNB): The victim of negligence on the government’s part especially R&B and PMGSY, Tilsara, a suburban village of central Kashmir’s Budgam district, has been down at heels for decades as all roads which connect it to the main cities like Pulwama via Rahmo, Chadoora via Charavani and most importantly Charar-e-Sharief are in ruins.

While talking to the locals of the village, they spew out anger and accused all governments and higher authorities of apathy. They said that each government assured them the development of these roads and each broke its promises after gaining the power.

Reports say that some of these roads are about a decade old and some decades. The report also says that the roads that lead to Charar-e-Sharief and Pulwama, being almost a decade old, have not been completed since their construction.

As per reports, the length of Tilsara- Charar-e-Sharief road is 3 kms, the length of Tilsara-Chadoora via Charavani road is 3, and the length of Tilsara-Pulwama via Rahmo road is 2 kms and the combined length of all of these roads measure around 9 kilometers.

“We want the roads well-constructed, macadamized especially the Tilsara-Charar-e-Sharief road. The road needs immediate attention of the concerned authorities. The road is absolutely dilapidated and is prone to landslides due to lack of bunds, blocks and proper drainage system.” Said a local resident, Maqsood Ahmad Hurrah.

He added, “The Charar Sharief road is top most priority because our basic facilities are there in Charar Sharief like banks, bazaar, hospital, Tehsil etc. Everything we need most is there. Therefore it must be transferred to PMGSY and well constructed as R&B has shown lack of concern”

Another local of Tilsara, Nayeem Ahmad said, “The people of the village suffer so much but the students class and patients suffer most. They (students) have to walk a great distance and yet do not reach their school on time. Many a time students miss exams and that become a reason for dropping out the studies.And then patients are carried on shoulders in extreme cases. Same happens with delivery cases. This way our village is neglected by the authorities”

While talking to Kashmir News Bureau (KNB), Er. Hilal Ahmad stated, “We cannot take up all the roads due to scarcity of funds. Therefore, we usually list those roads for Macadamization which are most important. So far as Tilsara is concerned, we will take up the road as soon as funds are allocated” (KNB)

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