Spot the fake: The Kapoor sisters join the lawn wars

It’s Kareena vs. Karisma – which sister do you like better?

One’s the current toast of Bollywood, the other’s a yesteryear hit heroine. They’re both doe-eyed and fair-skinned — a combination that most Pakistanis find hard to resist — and lo and behold, they’re wearing the same clothes!

Unknowingly, designer Faraz Manan has managed to pit the Kapoor sisters against each other. In a strange twist of events, both sisters can be seen advertising the same lawn print — one’s wearing the original, the other, the replica.

“Kareena Kapoor is our brand ambassador for Crescent Lawn and before her, it was Karisma,” says Faraz, the designer behind the hit Crescent Lawn. “It’s so strange that Habiba Fashion, an Indian company selling our replicas, chose to hire Karisma to model the same prints that her sister’s also modeled this year.”

“Why did they even bother? They could have just used our images and saved themselves the cost,” laughs Faraz.

But is not exactly a laughing matter for the Kapoor sisters. It doesn’t bode well for Karisma’s image to be associated with a copycat brand and according to Faraz, the Kapoors’ PR company is taking the matter very seriously.

Didn’t Karisma realize that she was wearing the same print as her sister? “How could she? Both sisters do such extensive modeling work in India, they can hardly keep tabs on each other’s various campaigns,” points out Faraz.

This new development is just another episode adding to Crescent Lawn’s trysts with copycats this year. Earlier, the lawn’s prints were ‘stolen’ prior to its official release, replicated and made available in the market just three days following the original lawn’s launch. Aficionados could go and buy the Rs 6000 original; penny-pinchers could satisfy themselves with the Rs 2000 similar but not-as-pretty copycat print.

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