Shameful begging in the name of Kashmiri conflict reported in Mumbai

Mumbai, Jan 30 (KNB): Two Kashmiri youth were tapped in Mumbai city of Maharashtra on Tuesday while shamefully begging in the name of Kashmiri conflict and via through concocted stories.

According to the eyewitnesses, two youth holding a letter of appeal were caught by commuters after they smell them suspicion. A video which lies with Kashmir News Bureau (KNB), shows that the trapped youth trying to hide their faces after being caught red handed by commuters. 
The letter of appeal which also lies with KNB reads “Kashmir has been facing man problems due to strikes and curfews. We have no arrived at this city for time being and are staying in tents in Bandra Navpada.”
“We request your good self to help us as much as possible that will be your kindness,” reads the letter with Indian national flags printed on it. 
These youth are concocting stories as “how the political uncertainty has resulted in destruction everywhere in Kashmir,” an eyewitness told KNB over phone from Mumbai.
“We tried to grab them aimed to register a case with police, however, they managed to flee,” the eyewitness added. (KNB)

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