Political Uncertainty Marring Education System In Kashmir

Srinagar 26 April (KNB): Education is basic right of every citizen, every government spends a large amount of the total GDP to provide the basic formal education to its citizens, as education is very important and powerful tool for the success, growth and prosperity of a nation. When we look at the education scenario of our state of Jammu and Kashmir we are far more behind there are various reasons like conflict, political interference, corruption and mismanagement of resources.

Though the state government is spending the cores of rupees to ensure the quality education to the students of the valley but when we look at the ground reality he situation is very disheartening and discouraging , the government schools are going from bad to worst in terms of infrastructure and performance which needs proper introspect.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir especially the valley of Kashmir lacks the proper facilities and institutions for pursuing the higher education within the state. The only major institute which facilitates the students to pursue the higher education is Kashmir University but the condition there is also grim and the situation is not happy.

The majority of the students who are or have formally been the students of higher education in Kashmir are the most dissatisfied and depressed mainly the students of the University of the Kashmir and its affiliated colleges. The students keep complaining about the irregular system in higher education. The semester system introduced by university has backfired as neither the student are able to prepare nor the teachers are able to complete the syllabus and there is inadequacy of time for students had no time participate in the co-curriculum activities which is as compulsory as the formal education.

Parents and the teachers need to change the mindset of rigidity towards the student regarding the choosing their career and dreams every students has its own capability and aims, so all the students can’t have the common way of learning there is a need for the revival of the education system in the state, a system should be designed to empower the students to choose the field of their aspiration and dreams.

Besides there is a need to develop a new skills in the form of the diplomas, apprenticeship, practical and vocational qualification to overcome chronicle problems of the poverty and the unemployment in J&K .Every problem has a solution, our ailing education system could be improved, there is a need of commitment every stakeholder whether government, teacher or the guardian. (KNB)

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