Pained by Uri killings, force personnel too were humans: Geelani

‘Uri killings used to demoralize people create’

Srinagar, Sep 19 : Hurriyat Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani on Monday said that loss of human lives is a serious concern for every noble soul and there is no other option other than to honor and safeguard precious lives.

While commenting over Uri episode, Geelani in a statement issued to KNS, said that “we as human beings feel pain and with sincere heart believe to promote universal brotherhood. We never derive pleasure from human sufferings, and the forces personnel that lost their lives were humans.”

He said that it is irony that Indian politicians without applying their reason jumped to conclusion and an ambiance and euphoric of war like situation was created and people were instigated and infused with illogical theories against neighboring country Pakistan.
Slamming Indian media for its bias reporting and irrational reviews, Geelani said that they added fuel to already volatile situation.

Taking dig at ‘local stooges’, he said that they in a bid to gain favors of their masters scolded and blamed Pakistan without assigning any logic.

Geelani said that the reaction is natural but “we need to maintain sense and balance while giving vent to our emotions.”

Hurriyat (G) chairman called all these leaders to follow set of scales of mind and asked that “they need to be realistic in such volatile situations.”

Geelani expressed his dismay and said that “it is highly deplorable that all these leaders are following their sentiments and there is a need to come out from this cocoon thinking and they should to shun their dubious and double standard.”

He asked all these politicians, ‘their yeomen’ and Indian media that why they see all these episodes with the prism they like and why do not they follow the sensible and realistic approach before coming to conclusion.

Geelani said that “we feel that there is no difference between humans and the blood is sacred whosoever it is,” but the question arises “why a deal of double dealing is followed.”

He asked all those making hue and cry over Uri episode that “they should come with answer that why they feel the blood of youth in Kashmir is so cheap and why don’t they feel the pain and agonies the people in Kashmir face.”

Geelani further asked Indian politicians that since last 70 years more than 6 lakh people were brutally massacred and while referring to ongoing uprising, he said that more than 90 youth fell to bullets and pellets, thousands were maimed, properties worth millions ransacked and hundreds lost their vision.

“You didn’t feel the pain and instead accused people and youth for the crime they never committed. It is very sad,” Geelani said while addressing to pro- Indian politicians and said that “not a single word of sympathy, or resolution was passed in any legislature or apology was sought from bruised people. Nobody came to solace the hurt sentiments of bereaved families and instead people were blamed and forces personal were encouraged.”

Lamenting over the double standard, Geelani said that both people who lost their lives in recent uprising and in Uri episode belong to human fraternity but it is highly deplorable that that people in power corridors and media opted only to admonish neighboring country and their tears were specified only for those killed in Uri.

Geelani asked that people want to know that what is the philosophy that you are mourning over the Uri episode but deriving pleasure from massacre in Kashmir. “Is this all that you call this a patriotic passion that those killed in Kashmir were enemies or aggressors or is it was obligatory to save so-called fabric of country,” Geelani said.
Geelani said that barring a few Indian politicians mislead their countrymen and portrayed all killings in Kashmir as to save the oneness of country and so-called conscience of people of state.

He said that 35 members of Sikh community were massacred when Bill Clinton visited India and it was done deliberately to hoodwink America and international community.
Similarly the Uri episode is used in same nature to demoralize people and create suspicions about people’s movement. “Keeping in view the present session in UNO they make a war like situation to divert the attention of the world committee from the grave human rights atrocities committed by the Indian forces in Kashmir,” he said.

Geelani in his statement expressed his dismay over the criminal silence maintained by international community and said that they for their material gains are reluctant to come to our rescue. They don’t feel their duty to respect human values; said Geelani and their all interests are centralized towards business interests only. (KNS)

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