Onset of Start-up policy 2018 in Jammu & Kashmir

Shahbaz Sidiquee

Unemployment rate is increasing all over India and Jammu and Kashmir State is no exception. The problem of low employment in Jammu and Kashmir is due to absence of private sector or if present it is not well implanted or well constituted. To address this lacuna, the state of Jammu and Kashmir came up with the Start-Up policy 2018. The main purpose of policy is to nurture and inspire young brains of Jammu and Kashmir towards Innovation and entrepreneurship with a view to make them employers rather than employee. Recognition of productive research and introduction of new innovations in the state will be a characteristic feature of the Start-Up policy 2018.

The policy focus on holistic development of whole state which is diverse in every aspect be it religion, typography, climate, infrastructure or demography. The policy tries to establish state of art incubators, provide access to early stage investment for existing start-ups, setting of innovation labs. Fabrication labs in every region besides creating a strong institutional frame-work for effective implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of this policy. The policy tries to promote state as start-up destination by providing number of benefits like tax exemption, preference in public procuring prices, high speed internet, and relaxation in labour laws.

Growth, multiplier of strategic tools and human efforts, circulation of human skills which leads to the creation of discoveries, and human approach for these springs up the comfort zone. Start-Up policy came with this idea in order to orient the youth of state towards a stable system. With the increasing scale of un-employment youth in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, well structured and skilled programme was of immediate need. Lack of private organizations in the state further escalated the issue of un-employment, and absence of sound counseling also proved very adverse. With the onset of Start-Up policy in Jammu and Kashmir several institutions will be set-up which will accelerate the opportunities for the un-employed youth in the state. Main focus of Start-Up policy will be to deliver qualitative and skilled programmes in the state so that youth will be absorbed in such progammes.

The policy though good on paper still seems to suffer from several problems like the policy is silent regarding the finance needed to functionalize the policy; it is not clear whether the state is funding or centre. The lack of critical infrastructure is another handicap of the policy. The policy tries to promote use of renewable energy in the state, but it is the same policy which has 100% capital subsidy on diesel generators. Further the state due to its climate is not conducive to the use of solar or wind energy (except few places).

The policy talks of holistic development but fails to name start-up hub in the ladakh and Kargil. The policy on one hand tries to promote markets but doesn’t want to free the administration control. The agencies set-up for implementation, monitoring, and evaluation are again as per the hierarchy of bureaucratic ladder, It is not clear how the decision will be taken and whose will ultimately prevail. (KNB)

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