On India 70 Kashmir Seeks Answers

15th August this year marks 70 years of India being a free nation. It is a day in entire country  to remember those who fought for and gave up their lives to free India from British rule. India’s freedom struggle was a hard-fought one and Independence Day is the day to pledge  for creating more democratic India . Independence Day is a national holiday and Indians usually celebrate the day by hoisting the Indian tricolour. Many also fly kites and sing patriotic songs.

But 70 Years Down the line Kashmir cries for justice and asks question to Indian state. The scuttling of democracy, killings, arrests, pellet blinding, maiming, occupation of agricultural land, teargas shelling, injuries, shutdowns, curfews, internet gags have defined the situation in kashmir and all that has been wrong in the handling of the Kashmir scenario by the Indian state .

In the name of Mainstream politics many opine that corrupt power structures have been created who are loyal to none and are just creating chaos for their own petty political gains. The time is ripe that all these questions raised by the masses of Kashmir are answered and Indian state shuns the oppressive policies and lends a real warm hearted approach to the real anger of Kashmir and settles the issues faced by the people outhere.

It is also the need of time to take more softer approach on the issues and shun the hardline so that the worsened Kashmir situation can limp back to normalcy.

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