Monitor Strictly teenagers, Children on Social Media and Internet: Sane Voices 

Kashmir News Bureau
Srinagar, Jan 26 (KNB): The present age has been defined age of internet and the integral component of internet in form of Social Media has revolutionized humanity.
Within single click we are able to connect our message through continents , but as they say with every blessing comes with curse .
With booming internet the children seem to be at receiving end especially in a part like the landlocked valley of Kashmir which lags technological exposure and maturity. Children and teenagers are bearing the worst bring of it.
Different studies have cited that overdoing internet and social media kills the creativity of children and teenagers which has disasterous consequences on the intellectual growth of society.
To add to the woes, browsing too much of violent related material or pornographic content leads our children to destructive paths .
As internet and social media has flooded the voices of sanity and experts are logically worried about future of our children with visible signs of intellectual decay visible in them.
Jaffar Allie, an Educationist , while talking to Kashmir News Bureau states -” We are daily basis interacting with children and find this too much of internet and social media activity especially by our children and teenagers damaging to their creativity and thinking path.Browsing violence and nudity is leading our children to Dark corridors of uncertainty and the visible negative consequences are to be without doubt clearly seen in our generation next .Time has to come strictly monitor our young ones on internet and to disuade them from negative browsing and social media.”
On the other hand of the spectrum, too much of internet ,social media has taken away the book reading habits from our society and worst hit of this have been the children of Kashmir.
In unison the voices are calling that internet if it proves damaging like this to children of Kashmir it is better to limit and monitor its use. (KNB)
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