MLA Sonwar takes a jibe on BB Cant Board

Thanks United Way India for donating Critical Care Ambulance to GB Pant hospital

Srinagar, April 9:  Senior PDP leader and MLA Sonwar Muhammad Ashraf Mir today took a dig at the Badami Bagh Cantonment Board blaming it for creating a mess in the entire Batawara and Sonwar locality due to its “ill-conceived and anti-people decisions.”

Mir said that it is due to the Board’s anti-people approach that not only the the G B Panth hospital but overall development of the area is badly affected.

“I have time and again asked the Board to leave the entire management of the hospital to the government of the State, but to no avail. The place where there was a toilet facility has been turned into a canteen. It’s an irony that hospital has been turned into a money minting machine,” he said.

Mir said that similarly there is a government school inside the BB Cant which has become the “personal property of the Board.” “A common man’s children are afraid of getting their wards admitted in the school because of the security atmosphere. It is because of the casual approach of the Board that only children of security personnel study in this school,” he said. “Besides that, many shops have been vacated and the 60-year old post office has been closed on security reasons, which was the facility for the locals there.”

The MLA Sonwar said that the people of many areas that include Indira Nagar, Shivpora, Batwara and Sonwar are being deliberately harassed by the Board officials on one or the other pretext. “This is quite unbearable and would trigger massive public anger. We will not be surprised that the board will ask the local citizens and hoteliers to vacate,” he said.  Meanwhile, Mir thanked the United Way India, an NGO, for donating the Critical Care Ambulance to G B Pant hospital. “United Way India has always been kind enough to help the hospital in many ways. Today, donating a critical care ambulance speaks a lot,” he said.

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